Day 5 Hyena PAD 2023

Laughing Hyena
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For day 5, Maureen’s prompt challenged us to “write a poem in which laughter comes at what might otherwise seem an inappropriate moment.” Read more about the prompt here. Don’t miss all the great poetry resources she provides and the many poets who are taking on this challenge of 30 poems in 30 days!

Below is my offering of “inappropriate” laughter (or is it?) for day five!


            “Laughing and crying, you know, it’s the same release” (Joni Mitchell)

laughing like a hyena

laughing it all away—

sadness deeper than Lake Superior

or a gold mine or an oil pump

at the bottom of the sea

you said this is the last time

you can come home

the last time I will let you in

I laughed!

told myself I laughed to keep

from crying

I waved goodbye from

the closed car window

laughing loud down the driveway

laughing louder than the wheels

humming on the highway

laughing it all away

Jacquelyn Markham (4/5/2023)

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