Day 21 Courage PAD 2023

Storm, photo by poet

From the list, I chose “courage” because we all need so much of it everyday! Let’s hear it poets! Does it take courage to write a poem-a-day in April?

Prompt for Day 21 from Napowrimo: “Last but not least, here’s today’s (optional) prompt. Begin by reading Sarah Gambito’s poem “Grace.” Now, choose an abstract noun from the list . . . , and then use that as the title for a poem that contains very short lines, and at least one invented word.”


to face the cliff,

cave musk,

tower trees,

bridge over



Braven enough

to carry on,

to heal,

to begin



head on,

not flinching,

just moving


force against


rising water.

            Jacquelyn Markham (4/21/2023)

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