Day 24 Doodling the Milky Way PAD 2023

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As Maureen Thorson, our fearless prompt leader says, “Here’s one from the archives” (Napowrimo). The planets are acting out right now! It’s Mercury Retrograde, among other unusual circuits. It could be that or maybe just day 24, a book launch on the horizon (for my book Rainbow Warrior), gardens to be planted, guests arriving, etc. etc., but whatever the reason, my muse has literally sat down and refused to budge. So, all to say, though I have been faithful to 2023 prompts until now, here’s one out of the archives, Poem-a-day, 2017. I think the prompt was doodling!

Doodling the Milky Way

spirals and curlicues

start my doodling

but what’s important about doodling

is not what I absentmindedly draw

or write, but that doodling

allows me complete abandon

of sensible things

or things on the “to do” list

instead, my mind goes

nowhere or somewhere

spiraling inward



deeper, deeper

out to the universe

tripping on the Milky Way

swinging on the moon

leaping star to star

with no real intentions of ever coming

back to sensible things

and bills to pay

                        Jacquelyn Markham

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