“Begin Again” Poem-a-Day 2023

Poster compliments of Academy of American Poets (Poets.org)

Hello Poets & Poetry Lovers,

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Let’s talk poetry! It is not too early to prepare for the April Poetry Month Poem-a-day challenge. In fact, it’s only a week away.

Do you know why we celebrate April as Poetry Month? What is the Poem-A-Day Challenge?

Much thanks goes to the Academy of American Poets who in April 1996 launched National Poetry Month.  Its website, poets.org, is a wealth of information and inspiration for poets and appreciators of poetry. The Academy of American Poets explains that poetry month was founded as “a special occasion that celebrates poets’ integral role in our culture and that poetry matters.”   And this was way before the pandemic when we learned again and again, that “poetry matters!”

The Academy sponsors Poem-A-Day, but that’s an already written poem in your inbox, not in your outbox! Sign up with the Academy to receive a previously unpublished poem by your favorite poets for inspiration and your personal enrichment.

But, what about **WRITING* a poem-a-day? Are  you serious? Yes, I am! It’s a challenge!

**START HERE** As far as the Poem-A-Day Challenge, there are many avenues to choose from. I have enjoyed following along with NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, an annual project encouraging poets to attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April. Read more about Maureen Thorson’s project on the links I’ve provided. It’s fun and inspiring! There are other sites that provide prompts or you may use your own, but stay with the spirit and attempt a poem a day!

If you are on Facebook, check out the Poem-A-Day’s new FB cover photo Celebrating 20 Years, Writing 30 Poems in 30 days!

Let’s do it!

Jacquelyn Markham

Poet Voice

Think About Poetry Everyday!

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