Day 24 Poem-a-day challenge

Greetings poetry lovers,

Today is the last Sunday of our challenge! Soon it will all be a memory! Thanks for traveling with me. I feel sad about so many animals that are pushed out and misunderstood in our over populated world. The Armadillo is one. This poem is a blend of an animal poem from a 2019 challenge and today’s prompt that asks me to write a poem describing something with similes. The Armadillo is a little understood and sometimes hated animal, so I hope this poem changes some folks ideas about them. How about this Pink Fairy?

Pink Fairy Armadillo: photo credit


traveling the countryside

like a knight in armor

wearing its great hardscape

like royalty

the nine-banded armadillos

wear a heavy coat

while the pink fairy

armadillo cavorts with

Thumbelina in an underground

dance like a whirlwind of fairy dust

while its three-banded cousin

rolls up in a tight ball

of defense

like a hardball

in a game with Babe Ruth

until left alone


pig-snouted diggers

Armadillos turn a garden

topsy-turvy following the scent

of a delicacy of worms

Jacquelyn Markham (4/24/22)