Day 7 poem-a-day challenge

Prompt: On day 7 of the poetry writing challenge, I’m going for a prompt from another source. Ed Madden, Poet Laureate of Columbia, SC, is sponsoring yet another “poems on the bus project.” This year’s theme for “Poetry on the Comet” is “Openings.” I am working on a few short poems to submit by the April 30 deadline. Since 10 lines is the limit, my draft below is quite short.

Poets still have time to submit with the chance of having your poem enlightening folks on buses!

Go to


Imagine a line across your forehead.

It continues over each ear

to the back of your skull.

Next, open the top of your head,

by magic and vision only.

Then, let all old thoughts escape.

Open your mind to new thoughts

with wings.

Jacquelyn Markham (4/7/2022)

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