Day 5 poem-a-day challenge

Today I strayed from the Napowrimo prompt as I attended “Points of Departure,” a poetry workshop by Octavio Quintanilla, hosted by San Antonio Public Library, via zoom, of course. Octavio suggested using numbered lines with an example by Tomas Q. Morin (“Whiteface”). I was moved to number my lines in descending order which prompted me to move back into memory. Much a draft–only hours old.

Moving Back into Memory

25.       It was only 25 years ago the world split open

24.       when it did, words spilled

23.       from mouths like blood.

22.       But why 25 years ago?

21.       What happened in 1997?

20.       Internet exploded like a bomb.

19        Don’t you remember it?

18.       Try to think about the days before.

17.       What do you see on your desk?

16.       In your hand—a pen?

15.       At 15, you loved to write love letters.

14.       Letters that ignited in your hand.

13.       Before anyone could see them.

12.       Did the flames erupt like a cherry bomb?

11.       Or was it a sparkler that fizzled out?

10.       Fizzled, fizzies, why fizzies? did they tickle our tongues?

9.         Now I am moving back into memory.

8.         Getting younger,

7.         getting smaller,

6.         like Alice in Wonderland.

5.         I try to remember our mother’s warmth

4.         but only recall the iciness of a blizzard

3.         blown in the open door.

2.         Thankfully, I still remember

1.         the joy of being born.

Jacquelyn Markham (4/5/2022)

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