Day 4 poem-a-day challenge

Traveling the Underworld

Today’s prompt: Write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt. What? I resisted this prompt at first but got inspired by the examples by poet Mathias Svalina that Maureen provided us ( My process for this draft was to blend a draft from last year’s challenge with this year’s and I had fun writing it! My effort follows:

Go to the underworld to find your poem.

Write a poem that requires you to go to the underworld.

First, wander aimlessly while suspicious characters loiter nearby.

Daydream and pay no attention to your inner guidance or

intuition. Think only of the poem you will find when you forget

that you have wisdom and go alone to dark and deserted places.

Then, don’t take your sisters or mother with you. Think boldly

that you know what you are doing. As you search the underworld

for that perfect poem, be slightly distracted by blue eyes and

brawn. Then, follow a desire to enter a Kiva and pray to the

goddess to guide you in this dark, misty place. Intent on,

no obsessed with, finding the poem, go deeper and deeper until

you lose sight of anything familiar. Evoke protection and

someone or something to lift you from the abyss and

back to the light. Clutch to your breast the

poem you have discovered!

                        Jacquelyn Markham (April 4, 2022)

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