About Me

Poet, Writer, Speaker, Mentor

Jacquelyn Markham, author of Rainbow Warrior (Finishing Line Press), has loved poetry since wandering through the meadow along a mint-lined brook as a child in rural Michigan. She has written poetry for nearly as long, so as a freshman in college, she decided to make a career of it. After earning her bachelor’s degree in English, she earned a master’s and a doctorate in English and Creative Writing from Florida State University.

The poet

Author of three chapbooks and a personal mythology, Peering Into the Iris: An Ancestral Journey, she has published nationally and internationally in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies, including Archive: South Carolina Poetry Since 2005, Adrienne Rich: A Tribute Anthology, Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Lullwater Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, The High Window, and Woman and Earth, among others.

During her academic career, Markham’s love of poetry extended to scholarship as she “rescued” 19th century women poets who had fallen into obscurity, focusing on collecting the far-flung poems published by Charlotte Perkins Gilman during her lifetime. The result is the award-winning reference The Complete Poetry of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1884-1935,Together with Commentary and Notes (Mellen Press), a thirty-year project that was awarded the Adele Mellen Prize “for its distinguished contribution to scholarship.”

Markham is a recipient of numerous grants and awards for literary merit, including three Georgia Council for the Arts individual artist grants, a South Carolina Arts Commission Community Grant, and an Arts Kentucky Women’s Foundation Award. As a humanities scholar, Dr. Markham has presented hundreds of papers, lectures, and readings of her original work. As a participant in the poets-in-the-schools program, she has guided young poets and writers in workshops and as faculty advisor to student literary journals. Although she retired from university teaching as full professor in English and Women’s Studies, she continues to mentor poets and writers in community settings.

Get in Touch

Jacquelyn is always available for readings and mentoring poets and writers. If you want to chat about poetry, books, or creativity, don’t hesitate to reach out. Follow her on twitter.