Day 17 Taste of Sun, Edible plant poem PAD 2023

Loquat, photo by the poet

At last! A prompt I can warm up to. I love flowers, plants, and the natural world, so writing an edible plant poem was a good way to start the week. Thank you Napowrimo for a great prompt for Day 17 of our poem-a-day challenge. And here is the prompt in detail. As always, there are some specific instructions to adhere to, such as using a repeated phrase and making a specific comparison to my life or someone close to me.

Taste of Sun: Eriobotrya japonica

Japanese plums, loquats, saffron clusters

pasted on palmish evergreen leaves

in breezes swinging.

Another spring blooms.

Let’s gather them & slice the fruit.

Each one a center of smooth seed,

a sculptor could carve a tiny face from.*

Loquat in saffron clusters.

Let’s gather them & slice the fruit,

concoct a yellow cocktail with ice

stirred in. Laugh & toast

to love like days past.

Another spring blooms.

Fruit once fragrant blossoms.

Now, the loquats bunch in saffron

clusters.  We laugh & drink the fruit,

cheers to days past with a tangy taste of sun.

            Jacquelyn Markham 4/17/2023

*A nod here to the first known female sculptor, Properzia de’ Rossi, who carved intricate pieces from fruit pits, a practice during the Renaissance, but not a common one. De’ Rossi may not have had access to tools and materials as a male sculptor might have in the 16th century.

Read more about Properzia at the Italian Art Society website.

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