Day 2 Surreal poem PAD 2023

Yes, readers, you know of the surreal painter Salvador Dali, but do you know the name of Remedios Varo, the Spanish/Mexican woman artist whose work only recently is being recognized? Like the artists, poets were influenced by the Surrealist movement. You may want to check this out from the Poetry Foundation.

Well, the poem prompt for day 2 was for a surreal poem, a bit complicated but interesting. Read the Day 2 poem prompt here, but the quick version was to choose some words from a list, ask questions for each and answer them. Those answers were worked into the poem. Below is my effort! I have actually created two line stanzas (couplets), but the WordPress format is not cooperating as yet. The poem is all there though!

Remedios Varo, La llamada (The Call), 1961, courtesy

Ghost Lover

A ghost lover hovers over her

like a loco Luna moth

while an owl stares in silence,

Athena’s secret deep in its yellow eyes.

The fog wraps itself around the riverbank,

a gray net of heavy dew

while the river flows north & south at the same

time, a wild woman beating her head against a tree.

That song goes around & around in her mind—

Big wheel keeps on turnin, proud Mary keeps on burnin

Rollin, rollin, rollin on the river

Thunder shakes the sky a hundred miles away.

I never knew that woman was

as elusive as a hummingbird.

            Jacquelyn Markham (4/2/2023)

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Surreal poem PAD 2023”

  1. Hi Jackie! I chose 7 words. I’m not sure about the result, but it was interesting indeed. I learned I wasn’t comfortable if things don’t make perfect sense, but in surrealism, they don’t have to!!

    Where The Soul Waits

    Golden gaze of Owl gleams from the river of my dreams
    running dark like a witch’s brew
    surface shudders under gray plumes of thunder
    that pierce a milky veil of fog.

    Faded Ghost glides in search of a Soul
    elusive as the flutter of a butterfly’s heart.

    Longing drains life and hope
    down a jagged slash in stone
    to open full into silver-toned splendor —
    Solitude — where my Soul will wait for me.

    There you go!



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