Day 13 Poem-a-day challenge

Hello out there. This is my letter to the world. I’m going to try shifting from pages to posts on this WordPress platform as the menu may be getting unwieldy with so many pages. Let’s see how it goes.

I confess Day 13 has been rough getting started. I think you will understand when you read the draft of my day 13 poem, titled “Everything is Going to be Amazing Again When.”

Here’s the prompt that I struggled with (paraphrased here from In honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that states “Everything is Going to Be Amazing.”

Center of the universe, photo by the poet

Everything is Going to be Amazing Again When

So how can everything be amazing when

nearby a city on the coast floods on a sunny day?

Coastline washes into the sea like a sandcastle at high tide.

When faraway, another city burns with bombs and death.

Tanks rollover bodies, bicycles, and those fleeing?

When missiles fall from the sky, fireworks of destruction?

When children’s cries and mourning wails fill the silences?

When in a city not too faraway, men gun down passengers,

students, shoppers, by-standers? They reveal a delicate peace.

How can everything be amazing when in the deep

blue waters of Florida, chemicals and sewage flow,

grow red tide, algal blooms, starve mammals of the sea—

the gentle Manatees—poison birds, tree frogs, and sea grass?

Everything is going to be amazing again

when I love you, you love me, he loves him, she loves her,

they love them, she loves him, he loves her, I love them.

When everyone loves the moon,

when everyone loves the stars,

when everyone loves the earth, its water, its life.

Everything will be amazing again when

love blossoms over the world.

Jacquelyn Markham

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